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Joining the Institute of Roofing will enable you to use the status of your membership with qualification after your name.

The following is a guide to membership fees and criteria, but reference should be made to the Constitution & Rules for the exact requirements.

Qualification Criteria

Please Note: For Associate or Member Grades, before completing the application form and uploading your CV, you need to make sure that your CV demonstrates that you have the required level of experience and qualifications for the grade you are applying for.  If not, you may be asked to provide further evidence or submit a project assignment.

become an Affiliate

Affiliation to The Institute is open to those individuals engaged in the roofing industry who are new or are in training or who do not qualify for direct entry to membership. The applicant must complete an application form accompanied by a detailed CV. The applicant will be affiliated for a maximum period of two years during which time the Affiliate will study for and undertake the Associate membership course and examination.

become an Associate

Every Associate shall:  Have passed the examination detailed in 3.8 of the Constitution & Rules.  Or have the necessary National Vocational Qualification at Level 3 in a roofing related discipline required by The Institute, to give full exemption from the examination detailed in Sect. 3.8. Supporting documentation must be submitted at the time of application.

become a Member

Every Member shall:  Have at least 10 years’ experience in their respective roofing discipline. Hold an NVQ L5 or above or hold academic achievement at an equivalent level in a relevant qualification.  Or submit a project assignment (subject agreed by the Board of Governors) and subsequent professional interview.

become a Fellow

Fellowship of The Institute may be awarded by the Board to individuals who have rendered outstanding service to the Industry and who are already holders of the Grade of Member (MIoR).

How our Memberships work

All Applicants for membership of the Institute pay the Joining Fee on Application.

Once your application has been approved and graded, you will be invoiced separately for your annual subscription. Membership is not valid until your Annual Subscription is paid.

New members may be subject to a reduction in rates for the remainder of the membership year (1st September-31st August) depending on when the application is made as follows: September-November Full Fee, December-February 75%, March-May 50%, June-August 25%.

Member Subscription from 1st September 2021

Member Subscriptions from 1st. September 2021

Existing MembersAffiliateAssociateMemberFellowRetired/Redundant
Annual Subs Ex VAT£35.83£91.67£125.83£164.17£40.83
VAT @ 20%£7.17£18.33£25.17£32.83£8.17
Total Subs£43.00£110.00£151.00£197.00£49.00

Joining Fee New Members

Please note that the joining fee (£58.33 + VAT) is non-refundable.

New MembersAffiliateAssociateMemberFellowRetired/Redundant
Joining Fee£58.33£58.33£58.33£58.33N/A
VAT @ 20%£11.67£11.67£11.67£11.67-
Total Joining Fee£70.00£70.00£70.00£70.00N/A


Individual membership subscription is payable by Direct Debit.  If the subscription is to be paid by your company and an invoice is required to be sent directly to your accounts department, please contact to set up a company account.

A single payment by Direct Debit will be taken on 1st September annually, and will be equal to the fees for your membership grade for the prevailing year, as published on the Institute of Roofing website.

New applicants will be contacted by our Admin team with details on how to set up their Direct Debit.

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Membership Upgrades

If you would like to upgrade your membership from Affiliate to Associate, or from Associate to Member, please send an up to date CV along with your membership number and which grade you wish to be considered for to

Your details will then be passed to our Membership Committee for assessment.  Once a decision has been made, our Admin team will contact you to arrange payment of any difference in fees, pro rata for the remainder of the subscription year.

From the 1st September 2021 an admin fee of £58.33+VAT will be charged for moving from the lower grades up to MIoR.

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