Considering A Professional Career In Roofing?

IOR Associate Course

Associate Course Overview

The course is designed around the following elements:

• Pre-course study

• Interactive learning

• Collaborative exercises

• Developing independent learning and research skills

• Increasing personal confidence

The Associate Course is delivered as an intensive learning experience over a 5-7 week period.

This entirely new and innovative course is designed to offer delegates the opportunity to learn effectively, with minimum disruption to working patterns.

The course is split between 1 day per week group learning in a classroom environment with a minimum 8 to a maximum 12 delegates per class.

This is coupled to a directed self-learning programme designed to prepare the delegate for the group sessions and to help revise subjects covered during group learning time.

The Institute of Roofing
Associate Course

The Associate Course is perfect for anyone considering a professional career in roofing, particularly with an eye to moving into or occupying a supervisory or management role.

This course is fully interactive and will provide essential skills and knowledge to be able to progress in the Roofing Industry.

Breakdown of the Associate Course

The course includes 10 modules with clearly defined learning objectives; all of which are individually assessed as the course progresses. A minimum ‘Pass’ mark in every module is required to complete the course.

Guided Self Study

There is approximately 50 hours of guided self-learning, which will require up to 10 hours per week. 

Self-Study sessions will be interactive, well supported and offered in manageable chunks, each with an element of assessment using preprepared learning tools; including structured e-learning, videos, presentations, exercises and quizzes to make studies proceed at a pace which meets personal preferences and workload.

Group sessions will involve a range of activities to expand and consolidate learning.

More Information

Courses are run throughout the UK as demand dictates and costs £850+VAT per delegate.

For information on potential courses in your area or to host a course dedicated to your company, please contact the Institute of Roofing at with details of your requirements.

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M1 & M2

M3, M4 & M5

Review M7 Preparation M10

M6 & M8

Module 1
Support &

Module 3
Module 4

Module 7
Surveying /

Module 8
Tendering &

Module 9
& Test

Module 2
Roof Safety

Module 5
Design &

Module 6
Roofing Systems
(Pitched & Flat)

Module 6
Roofing Systems
(Sheeting &
Cladding, Lead &
Hard Metal)

Module 10
Conservation &


There are no formal exams. Delegates will cover 200 learning criteria and submit 60 tangible pieces of learning evidence.

Please note that this qualification cannot be achieved without commitment to self study.

Each delegate will have their own online learning dashboard which will have an indicator of achievement against completion of required course content. This will help delegates to track their progress.

On successful completion delegates will be awarded a Pass (≥70%), Credit (≥80%) or Distinction (≥90%) for the course and be eligible to enter The Institute of Roofing at Associate Level and to use the letters AIoR after their name.

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