The Pinnacle Of Your Profession

Fellow (FIoR) Grade
Criteria & Assessment

Fellows of The Institute of Roofing (IoR) are amongst the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the roofing industry, recognised for their skill, knowledge, experience and achievement, and have excelled in the roofing industry, above and beyond that normally expected of their specific sector or position.

Fellowship is the most senior grade of IoR membership and as such a Fellow will have:

  • Been a full member (MIoR) of the IoR for at least five years.
  • Made a significant contribution above and beyond the specific sector or scope of their position to the benefit of the roofing industry. This could include:
    • Someone who brings their work expertise to national standards committees and helps decide policy or standards.
    • Someone who gives their time to promote the industry by giving service to trade organisations or bodies – again, helping to shape the industry.
    • Someone who over time has given service to the IoR and is therefore also helping to shape the industry.
    • Someone who is a recognised leader in their field with a good reputation built up over time outwith the confines of their own business.
    • Contributed to others in the profession: Actively engaging in developing, supporting and encouraging members of the profession, sharing good practice and increasing competence of others. This needs to be over and above what is expected in a defined job role. Examples include: coaching, mentoring or leading networking and good practice sessions.
    • Proven expertise in one or more specialist roofing sectors.
    • An understanding of the wider roofing industry.
    • Reached a position of superior responsibility.

What is an applicant required to submit as evidence in support of their application?

  • Application form including supporting statements from 2 sponsors (click on the button below to download)
  • Detailed curriculum vitae (See guidance notes)
  • Report (minimum 2,000 words – See below)
  • Continuing professional development records for the last two years (More information).


All applicants are required to produce a minimum 2,000 word account of a project initiative or industry representation they have led or had significant input, through which they can demonstrate competence in leading people and organisations within the sector or which demonstrates outstanding achievement above and beyond the scope of their position to the benefit of the roofing industry.

Interview Panel

You may be invited to attend a professional interview. This discussion will be conducted by a suitably qualified committee and will be based on the report submitted and any information provided in support of the application by the sponsors. Applicants are not expected to give a presentation, but will be expected to be able to engage in a broad ranging discussion about their work, the industry they are employed in and the contribution they make, and wish to make, to the industry, IoR and society in general.

Administration & Assessment Fees (non-refundable)

A non-refundable fee of £160 + VAT will be charged to cover the application assessment and review process.

The charge will also cover any administration or upgrade fee for the subscription year in which the application is successfully completed.