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Roofing Qualifications & Training

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Providing opportunities

The Institute of Roofing provides opportunities for members to enhance current skills and to develop new skills in line with a member’s career development plans.

Online learning

Fully certificated courses are available in a range of Health and Safety topics (such as Working at Heights, Asbestos Awareness, Abrasive wheels etc) to an even wider range of business / management development courses (such as Data Protection, Conflict Resolution, Diversity & Equality, Time Management). Study is simple. Have a look at the list of courses available and choose the ones you want to do by completing the Course Registration Form or selecting individual courses.

Continuing Professional Development

The Institute of Roofing works with manufacturers, business bodies and educational resource partners to bring a range of CPD seminars at regional meetings and CPD Days at local venues across the UK. 

Associate Membership Qualification Courses

The Institute of Roofing Associate Course is built around 5 days classroom attendance spread over 5-7 weeks. The course has approximately 60 hours directed self-learning based around group study in the classroom. The course will be continually assessed as the delegate progresses. For further details of courses taking place in your area visit the Associate Course page, or contact the office at

Institute of Roofing Regional Meetings

Another great source of learning and keeping skills / knowledge up to date. All Regional meetings of the IoR usually contain a CPD element so there is an opportunity to keep your existing skills polished or simply go along and learn something new about another aspect of roofing to broaden your general knowledge and expertise.  Regional meetings are an excellent opportunity to network with fellow professionals from across the spectrum of roofing disciplines.

Roofing Industry Trade Association & Training Group Directory

Do you know where to find the latest roofing industry guidance notes and online CPD direct from the recognised sector trade association?

Do you need on-the-roof skills training advice or the location of your nearest roof training centre? 

Our knowledge centre will help point you in the right direction.

Courses, Exhibitions and Seminars

From time to time, the Institute will alert members to an event that is of interest and has an educational element involved. Notice of these events will appear on the website and/or by email.

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