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We are a proactive organisation with a genuine desire to drive,
increase and maintain professionalism in supervision, management
and ownership within the roofing industry; raising awareness and
promoting roofing as a truly specialised sector of industry. By focusing
on education through roofing specific guided learning to achieve
industry recognised professional qualifications. By developing the
knowledge of those engaged in supervision and management across the
full spectrum of the roofing industry to help achieve their full potential.

"The Institute of Roofing is
the only body in UK
which awards professional
qualifications in
roofing management"

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Please note that membership of the Institute of Roofing is on a personal basis (not company). All correspondence and communication is with the individual at their listed personal contact addresses (i.e. not your office). To ensure that all correspondence reaches members we rely on you to ensure the information we hold
on you is accurate and up to date.

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