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Constitution & rules

The Institute is established with the following objects:

  • To become the recognised professional body for the roofing industry by achieving Chartered status. 
  • To promote and stimulate the improvement of the technical and general knowledge of individuals engaged in the roofing industry. 
  • To confer a recognised professional status on individuals in the roofing industry. 
  • To promote relevant training courses, seminars, lectures, work visits, study tours and by such other means as may be approved by the Board of Governors. 
  • To promote the general interest of those engaged in the Industry and to maintain and extend same for the public advantage. 
  • To make awards to individuals in the industry in recognition of their achievement in, or contribution to, the advancement of the industry. 
  • To raise the profile of The Institute of Roofing for the betterment of the industry and its members

Be recognised in the industry