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The IoR Launches Members’ Events Following CIOB Integration Announcement

The Institute of Roofing (IoR) and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) will host a series of IoR members’ meetings across the UK, following the recent announcement to integrate the roofing industry’s professional institute with the CIOB.

The five-day roadshow, which will take place from Monday 30 October 2023 until Friday 3 November 2023, will start in London and cover the midlands, Scotland and the North West.

The events will give IoR members the chance to find out more about the proposed IoR and CIOB integration and what it could mean for them, as well as an overview of the CIOB and its initiatives within the industry.

Speaking of the upcoming meetings, Kay Rose (FIoR), CEO of the IoR, said: “This is a perfect opportunity to answer some of the questions the IoR members have about the proposed integration with the CIOB, and explain what this could look like in the future for our members. We are also looking forward to showcasing the professionalism and experience of our institute to Caroline Gumble and the CIOB, and learn more about how we could work together as an integrated body in the future.”

Caroline Gumble, CEO of the CIOB added: “We have been talking about our shared mission to improve the built environment for many months now and we felt the next step was to engage with more members, hearing their thoughts and questions and getting their perspectives and insights during this roadshow. CIOB has the broadest membership base of any professional body in the built environment sector and we want to involve members of the IoR, who are experts within roofing, and strengthen our community of modern professionals.”

The IoR Members Meetings with Caroline Gumble, CEO of the CIOB, will take place in the following locations; Monday 30 October 2023 in London, Wednesday 1 November 2023 in Birmingham, Thursday 2 November 2023 in Edinburgh and Friday 3 November 2023 in Preston. For more information and to enquire, contact Kay Rose (FIoR), .

Further discussions about the IoR and CIOB integration continue, and are expected to conclude in 2024.


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