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We are a professional organisation with a genuine desire to drive, increase and maintain professionalism in supervision, management and ownership within the roofing industry, by raising awareness and promoting roofing as a truly specialised sector of industry.

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We have a range of membership grades such as, Affiliate, Associate, Member and fellow.

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We have a range of membership grades. Click here for more information >

Simply fill in the application form and pay the fees. Click here >

Once your online application form has been completed, the Institute, will check your details and references to confirm the Grade you will be awarded. Please ensure that details are clear and accurate. It may take as much as a working week to respond to your application if references are slower to respond. Complete the online application form here >

We offer CDP courses – click here for more information on CPD >

And a range of training courses – more information on training courses here >

The most common answer to this is because we most likely don’t have the correct contact details for you. To make sure you are receiving communications for the Institute, you should check your details in your “members area” of the website (login here) or by sending an email to:

There are a couple of reasons you may not be getting access; a) Are your fees paid up to date? b) Have you changed your email address or password recently? To check – drop an email to:

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