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IoR Associate Course – Gaining a qualification

Gaining a qualification

Ruth Evans got her first taste of the roofing sector in 2015. She started working in the technical department for Polyroof and is now the company’s internal sales manager. Using her technical knowledge, Ruth’s focus is on expanding Polyroof’s customer base and helping the technical team to deliver waterproofing solutions for large projects.

“I decided to take part in the Associate Course to gain a recognised qualification in roofing,” Ruth says. “This is important for my own career development and providing our existing and potential clients with confidence in my expertise.

“The course has given me a greater appreciation for roofing applications which I’ve not been directly involved in such as tiling and metal cladding.”

She adds: “The insight gained in procurement was beneficial, helping me to understand the intricacies of this process. The other key module for me was sustainability. With the drive on society to become more environmentally friendly, attaining an understanding of how the roofing industry could contribute to this end was constructive.”